Board of Regents Policy Manual

Official Policies of the University System of Georgia


The Georgia Constitution grants the Board of Regents the exclusive right to govern, control, and manage the University System of Georgia (“USG”) and all USG institutions. The Board exercises and fulfills its constitutional obligations, in part, by promulgating rules and policies for the governance of the USG and its constituent units. The purpose of this Policy Manual is to collect, organize, publish, and otherwise make publicly available the directives and policies of the Board.

Any inquiries, comments, or concerns about either the content or format of Board Policies should be directed to:

Mr. Christopher McGraw  
Vice Chancellor of Legal Affairs 
270 Washington Street, S.W. 
Atlanta, Georgia   30334

For a list of section title, number, and organizational changes effective September 21, 2009, see the Comparison Chart. For a list of dates on which the Board of Regents' Policy Manual was revised, along with associated reference materials, please visit the Policy Revisions page. For a list of policy announcements from the Chancellor, please visit the Chancellor's Policy Letters page.